A Family Ministry

Souls Harbor

Ron Brown - Baritone

Question & Answers

Q - Birthday
A - August 12

Q - Any Brothers or Sisters?
A - 2 Brothers - 1 younger in Indiana and 1 older in Retirement Travel

Q - Who Do You Look Up To?
A - Dad, because he is a good person, and lives right

Q - Favorite Color
A - Blue

Q - Favorite Food
A - Fried Pickles

Q - Favorite Drink
A - Pepsi

Q - Favorite Musician
A - Anthony Burger

Q - Favorite Southern Gospel Group
A - Greater Vision

Q - Favorite Childhood Memory
A - Use to go to church with my parents and use to ride in the back of the car up in the back window.

Q - Who do you listen to driving
A - Booth Brothers & Greater Vision

Q - Hobbies
A - Singing, Golf