Joy Brown - Lead

Question & Answers

Q - Birthday
A - May 29 

Q - Any Brothers or Sisters?
A - 1 Brother (younger) in Texas, 
1 Sister (older) in Wayne, MI 

Q - Who Do You Look Up To?
A - So many godly women that God has placed in my life for me to learn from – being Wife, Mom, full-time employed outside the home, our singing ministry… it gets hard to juggle it all and sometimes overwhelming – but God has placed many women in my path that have shown it can be done – God provides the strength that we need to get it all done – when the goal in our lives is to give HIM the glory.  I look up to those women and am thankful for their example.

Q - Favorite Color
A - Red

Q - Favorite Food
A - Steak (David's Special Recipe) 

Q - Favorite Drink
A - Diet Coke

Q - Favorite Musician
A - Troy Brown (my son) because I love to watch his gears turning in his mind as he works on learning to play by ear and to read the music

Q - Favorite Southern Gospel Group
A - The Whisnants

Q - Favorite Childhood Memory
A - My 13th b-day party, my mom hosted a sleep-over with all of the girls from my youth group. She took us out and taught us how to toilet paper the youth directors house. 

Q - Who do you listen to driving
A - typically I just blindly grab a CD 

Q - Hobbies
A - Singing, Reading, Drama