Question & Answers

Q - Birthday
A - January 25 

Q - Any Brothers or Sisters?
A - None

Q - Who Do You Look Up To?
A - Grandpa Brown, he is probably the most Godly man I have ever known.

Q - Favorite Color
A - Blue

Q - Favorite Food
A - Pizza 

Q - Favorite Drink
A - Pepsi 

Q - Favorite Musician
A - John Pfeifer, Mary Jane Carter, & Candy Pfeifer

Q - Favorite Southern Gospel Group
A - Greater Vision 

Q - Favorite Childhood Memory
A - Having my own 60cc motorcycle when I was very young, and having my aunt ride it, and crash into the neighbors garage. She was ok, but it never seemed the same just riding it anymore. 

Q - Who do you listen to driving
A - Compilation CD's
I like variety. 

Q - Hobbies
A - Golfing, Computers, Traveling 

Dave Brown - Tenor