Souls Harbor

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About Souls Harbor

Souls Harbor is a southern gospel trio based out of Southeast Michigan.  The group consists of Ron Brown (Baritone), his son, David Brown (tenor/lead), and David’s wife, Joy Brown (lead).  The ministry is entering its 27th year, but has just in the past year began introducing their music to radio audiences.  In 2017, the 2 songs they released to radio entered the Top 100 chart.  Souls Harbor has been a part of the National Quartet Convention’s Artist Showcase the past three years.  They performed at Dollywood as part of the HarvestFest in 2017 and have also performed at The Biblical Times Theatre in Pigeon Forge and the God & Country Theatre in Branson.  Souls Harbor also promotes southern gospel music in their area.  For the past 18 years they have been bringing groups such as The Mark Trammell Quartet, The Whisnants, Greater Vision, Tribute Quartet, The Perrys,  and others to Southeast Michigan.  When David is asked about the ministry of Souls Harbor, he plainly states “When people leave a service where we have shared our music - we want them to leave knowing that they were at Church, not leave feeling like they were at the County Fair.”

A Family Ministry